Two men perform a ritual, a playful and animal-like choreography. Through repetetive movements and attacks they create rhythmical beats. As their bodies melt into one but yet get separated – their relation becomes more complex. As lights and shadows are forming the room, the duet intensifies through physical attacks, -creating a visually expressive and intimate world. Premieres in October 2016.

Choreography: Tony Tran & Antero Hein

Dancers: Tony Tran & Antero Hein

Composer: Jens L. Thomsen.


As dawns of existence “OBVIA” hovers between the concrete and the abstract. The piece was performed as a part of “Trippeldans” in Baerum Kulturhus in 2015.

Choreography: Antero Hein

Dancers: Anine, Tiril, Martine, Julie, Andrea, Caroline, Eva, Pernille, Hanna, Thilde, Rebecca, Else, Elin and Nikoline.

Trailer to “OBVIA”


The piece was made for the students at Rønningen Folkehøyskole as a part of their new years performance in 2014.

Choreography: Antero Hein


Mainstream is what’s the new trend. When one “style” gets old, a new one is reborn. A mainstream person is someone who jumps from trend to trend so that they fit in with the rest of the crowd. Mainstream is being what society thinks you should be, and look like. Premiered in february 2009.

Choreography: Niclas Andersson, Eline Palm, Antero Hein

Dancers: Mikaela Brinte, Niclas Andersson, Eline Palm, Timmy Bergström, Antero Hein, Linnea Fridmann Sandin