UNI works with a humorous, acrobatic and surprising expression, “UNITY” and “UNIK” are themes that have been central in the preparation of the play. What it is like to be apart / how it is to be together. Through sound, song, dance and acrobatics, we work alone, in groups, against each other, with each other. We meet three male physically strong athletes who perform demanding and extreme movements mixed with soft and sensitive physique. The phrase “You are unique, just like everyone else” has inspired the process. In a humorous way, it explains that on the whole we are together but as one and one we are special and can make a difference. Humor, seriousness, emotion and extremity shape the atmosphere of the piece.

Choreography: Antero Hein

Dancers and co-creators: Alexander Montogomery-Andersen, Alexander Aarø & Antero Hein

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